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Have you ever stepped into your caravan or motorhome and felt a pang of disappointment? Perhaps the once-vibrant cushions are now faded and worn, the upholstery tired and uninspiring. Maybe that leaky skylight has caused damp patches, leaving behind musty odours and unsightly stains.

Fret not, weary adventurer! Here at A1 Upholstery Caravan and Motorhome, we specialize in transforming caravans and motorhomes from drab to fab. We're passionate about reigniting the love affair you have with your leisure vehicle, making it a haven of comfort and style for your next grand adventure.

Imagine this: Stepping into your caravan and being greeted by plush, inviting cushions in a colour that speaks to your soul. Sunlight streams through pristine windows, illuminating a fresh, clean interior that smells of possibility. Every detail of the expertly reupholstered seats speaks volumes about your impeccable taste and love for your van.

Contact Details

Telephone : 0161 368 8998

Mobile: 07715641273

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